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Closet Consultation and Overhaul

You personal style journey begins at home. The perfect "starter" service through an assessment of your wardrobe needs, this service is crucial in building a collection that best serves you. Including an audit of your pieces, organized and streamlined for easy access, and a breakdown of your body type and ideal styles - we will figure out what to toss, and what to use to build your personal style. This service will provide you with the foundation to build a wardrobe that reflects your personal style and budget.

Personal Shopping - Build Your Closet

Feeling anxious and overwhelmed when shopping? Together we will navigate how to shop, while I conduct applicable trend research, and pull ideal pieces for your wardrobe. You will leave the shopping trip with not only a new and improved wardrobe but tips and tricks to locate pieces that best meet your needs. Either shopping together or apart, this service will equip you with a fabulous starter collection.

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MSM’s Must Haves – Clothing Subscription

Highly coveted and personalized items are hand-picked for you through a style profile quiz and a complimentary consultation. With three subscription tiers, there is an option for everyone. From bi-weekly, monthly, and seasonal subscription options, these looks will be curated and sent right to your doorstep. With options for add-ons and bonus pieces, the blood, sweat and tears in finding the perfect pieces will be subtracted from the equation. Your wardrobe will never be dated again!

Personal Style Look Book

Do you have a great closet but still at a loss for what to wear? This service is a great partner to the closet consultation or personal shopping experience especially for busy professionals that seek the ease in their morning routine. This hard copy, personalized look book will include images of your wardrobe, broken down into separate looks, including all outfit details for your convenience.

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Digital Outfit Subscription

Do you love online shopping yet get easily overwhelmed with the unlimited options at your fingertips? This service provides you with personalized looks sent right to your inbox, with links where you can directly purchase the items immediately. If you are on the go looking for a quick stylized outfit that reflects you, let me cut through the red tape. Through this simplified process, you gain access to great items from all over the world. 

Special Event Shopping

Have a gala, wedding, or black-tie work function to attend, and at a loss for what to wear? This service will include research of the event, budget while curating a look that highlights your personal style. With an audit of best styles and shapes for your body type, take the pressure off yourself by ensuring all details of your look for this special occasion are handled.

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*All services include a 30-minute Complimentary Consultation via Skype or the phone where we can download on your style goals, budget, and the best service for you! *