For the Guys...Laid Back Vibes


While I often talk about transitional looks that are great for millennials to go from work to "play" or grown-up night time activities - sometimes you just need a chill look. Whether for a weekend outing, a casual work environment, travel, errands, you name it, looks like these can go a long way. Just because we are professionals killing it, and changing the game with each passing hour, doesn't mean we need to age out of the edgy style that makes us so unique. So if you are looking for a casual look, take this for some inspiration. A black tee and white sneakers (I will go into more detail about this later in the week) are both definitely assets to every wardrobe for both males and females. And the hoodie and cap give this look an effortless urban vibe. Stay tuned for more dynamic looks on the blog for gents - all by the Millennial Style Maven.