#TipTuesday: Pop of Color

Screenshot_2015-08-03-23-23-50 Looking to Blogger extraordinaire Anika Bozic for inspiration today - I bring you the second #TipTuesday as a Pop of Color. Working and spending A LOT of time in NYC, you would think that they banned bright colors a few years ago, and I am one of the people who missed the memo. Especially during the winter. But as I get older and have conversations with my ever so fashionable father - I realize to be afraid of color is so limiting. While I cannot deny that you can never own too many black tanks or little black dresses, color sure does go a long way. Don't be afraid to mix colors that you might not immediately think would compliment each other, like blue and yellow or pink and green...just to name a few. Yellow is by my far my favorite complimentary color. If your go to is black start slowly, ease yourself into the worls of color by adding color into your accessories and shoes, and soon you will feel the color takeover.