#TipTuesday: Mix & Match


It's my very first #TipTuesday on the blog, and I am happy to bring you some inspiration from the always fabulous Diane Kruger. While she rarely misses a beat this look is one of my favorites because it is so funky, yet so simple. (One of my favorite ways to slay a look, if I do say so myself). While mixing prints may seem crazy and out there, start by peeking into your closet and pick out two of your favorite prints. The trick is to finding something that will tie the two together. In this case, the navy outline in the green silk dress is subtle, but just enough to mix with the navy & white striped pencil skirt. Another reason that this look is achievable is she reinvented two distinct pieces. I challenge you all to this week, instead of gravitating towards the same blouse and pants you bought together as a cohesive look - find a different top to go with those printed pants. Don't live by the age old tradition that you can only wear that "memorable" outfit or piece once. Hard on cash, but looking to uplift your wardrobe this is the easiest, and most fun way. Need help - that's why I am here. Shoot me an email, or reach out for your own free consultation.