Millennial Look of The Week: Black & Red All Over

For this look I thought it was important to incorporate multiple options for all my millennial women on the go. As someone who lives out of their bag - and is always out for the day once I leave the house - it is important for me to plan out my day accordingly. On my feet all day long, I always have back up flats in my bag, as I try to impress my clients with my latest bargain heel purchase (future blog post...promise) but I always need a back up. And thisĀ is always helpful in my commute to my next event. Ladies black tote bags, especially if you live in New York City are everywhere. Minimalism is in, so grab a cute, sturdy but reasonably priced tote, you can grab one from Nordstrom here. If you prefer, flats, heel or a strappy sandal - don't be tied to one option for a look, and also don't feel pressured to wear a certain style that isn't you. This look is to give inspiration that outfits and pieces can always be mixed and matched with various shoes - as just an example of how one look can be transformed in as many ways as you can imagine. Until next time with a new #MillennialLookoftheWeek by the #millennialstylemaven.