Are Women Given Timeouts in the Industry?

BN-BI768_mag021_OZ_20140203175715 I was completely taken aback at the news that Marigay McKee was leaving Saks - I thought back to reading the first press release when it was announced she was to be appointed the new president, making huge waves in luxury retail. Later in the year when I was making my 2nd annual vision board for the new year, I found another article on all the upcoming projects she was excited to launch. In my head I knew she would have a place on my board. She stood for all the things I imagined my career to be dynamic, innovative, with a focus on people and the impact of her decisions on the consumer. More specifically how she could improve customer service, and have Saks engage with the community on multiple levels. In summation, she would be a rockstar to change the luxury retail game.

Fast forward to present day, only in her position for 15 months, and already she is on the way out. It makes me other top talents in the fashion space, who seem to have their time run out before they are "ready" - what is really happening here? It's easy to make the deduction that she just wasn't a good fit, which is a very general but sometimes fair analysis. But I am curious if this could be a bigger commentary on the industry at large. While we will never really know what happened in this specific case, unless Ms. Mckee decides to speak out. I invite you to offer your commentary. As a female who has witnessed many other females in the fashion space, I am hopeful in the future that the industry will not be dominated by political "BS" or time tables to judge someones success and future potential. Here is to wishing :)